Unified Team Chat

Use M.io to make Slack, Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex Teams fully interoperable.

M.io can help your company:

  • Improve collaboration across existing chat accounts
  • Get Slack users chatting with non-Slack users
  • Support UC migrations & upgrades
  • End the "Slack vs. Webex vs. Microsoft" debate

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Webex Teams + Slack

Chat with Slack users in Webex Spaces.

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Microsoft Teams + Slack

Stay in MS Teams. Chat with Slack users.

Let employees stay in one chat app

M.io relays cross-platform sending and receiving of...
  • Direct messages
  • Group chats
  • Docs & files
  • Invites to channels & spaces
  • Threaded messages
  • Reactions, emojis, & more
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Join the teams that trust M.io

"The ability to message my engineers and rest of the organization within one environment is critical for our operation and quality of our services."
Craig Gravina
"M.io presents a clever solution for reducing friction in cross-platform communication."
Eric Soelzer
Co-founder, Gratify
"M.io is the simplest way to communicate across different chat interfaces."
Lauren Golembiewski
CEO and Co-founder, Voxable
"As a distributed team with partners around the world, we're able to decide in real-time together with M.io."
Christine Foote
COO, Leade.rs
"We've been using M.io to connect our team chat and it's improved our workflow significantly as we move out of previous chat silos."
David Rathmann
Founder & VP Product Umuse
"Our team has been talking together across our chat apps with M.io. We're able to be in one place while using our default workspaces."
Donna Tremonte
Founder, Harvard Women In Tech
"Our teams are spread out across both regions and chat platforms. Having us all in one organization with M.io improves information sharing."
Troy Malone
General Manager Global Operations, All Turtles
"The ability to talk across large scale organizations with M.io has improved my client collaboration work across the globe."
Luis Samra
International Partnerships & Startup Advisor