Unified team chat

Make Webex Teams and Slack fully interoperable with M.io.
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One integration does it all

Increase Collaboration

Enable the your entire organization to make decisions faster.

Improve IT Compliance

Reduce shadow IT and improve organizational transparency.

Balance Preferences

Let employees use the app they prefer while unifying your real-time chat.

Setup is simple

1. Connect

Connect your existing Slack and Webex Teams accounts in the M.io Admin Dashboard.

2. Configure

Approve employees, vendors, and other contacts to chat together.

3. Chat

Employees can natively search for and chat with any approved contact, no matter the app they use.

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The M.io admin dashboard

IT managers can consolidate chat services while managing user accounts in one centralized view.
  • Permission management
  • Data-loss protection
  • Approve guest access
  • No training needed
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"Easy way to talk to externals while staying in Slack. Super simple and intuitive."
John Gossart
Co-Founder & COO, GoodWorld
"M.io presents a clever solution for reducing friction in cross-platform communication."
Eric Soelzer
Co-founder, Gratify
"M.io is the simplest way to communicate with existing clients and connect with leads."
Lauren Golembiewski
CEO and Co-founder, Voxable
"As a distributed team with partners around the world, we're able to decide in real-time together with M.io"
Christine Foote
COO, Leade.rs
"M.io has simplified our customer support workflow. Plus, our customers are reaching out more often because M.io is so convenient for them to use. Super helpful!"
Peter Pezaris
CEO, Codestream