Mio Security Center

Mio keeps customer data secure and meets global compliance standards.

Microsoft Teams, Slack, Webex - Mio keeps data secure

Mio never stores your messages or files

Mio classifies and prioritizes data to provide the highest possible tier of security to your online messaging transactions.

Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 Type II

Mio is SOC-2 Type II certified to keep customer data secure and confidential.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Mio adheres to GDPR guidelines to protect our customers' personal data and privacy rights.

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

Mio has implemented controls from the CCPA framework to support our customers' rights over their personal data.

Security White Paper

Mio securely integrates with your messaging platforms and never stores messages or files.
Safe and secure messaging

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Mio store my files and messages?

Mio does not persistently store user messages or files. Message meta data is retained by Mio for future reconciliation across platforms. However the underlying messages and files are not permanently retained.

When my user uploads a file where does it go?

Mio provides a proxy service for all files uploaded. When a file is either uploaded or requested by a connected platform or user, Mio will connect and authenticate to source platform and request the file. As the file is streamed, an outbound connection is made to the target platform or authenticated user, and the file is proxied to the recipient. Occasionally, a real time stream between the platforms is not possible. In this scenario, the file is requested and temporarily cached on the Mio server before the outbound connection is made. This two part transmission is still achieved through a single transaction, ensuring that the file is not retained by Mio outside the transfer session.

Where is Mio hosted?

Mio is currently hosted exclusively in AWS US data centers. We utilize multi-zone redundancy to maximize availability and uptime. All customer data is currently retained in the US.

If AWS fails in one region, does Mio move over to another?

Mio utilizes multi-zone redundancy to maximize availability and uptime.

Can I choose which region my data is stored in?

No, Mio is currently hosted in the US and we reserved the right to fail over to any AWS data center as part of our established business continuity plan.

How does Mio work with regards to data loss prevention?

Mio currently employs ThreatStack (https://www.threatstack.com/) to proactively monitor all of its production servers and infrastructure 24 hours a day. Agents are installed on every production instance and look for system anomalies and possible attempts of data exfiltration. A tested and proven escalation process is in place for Mio staff to react to any concerns that might be raised.

What are Mio's policies regarding data retention?

Mio retains customer data for the duration of their active account. The customer may request their data to be permanently deleted at any time (subject to Mio adhering to applicable state and federal laws).

What are Mio's policies regarding personally identifiable information (PII)?

Mio retains the following PII information for the purpose of normal operation of the service: First name, last name, and email address. Mio will also be provided an end user's current public IP address when accessing the m.io website.

Which app scopes does Mio need?

Mio securely integrates with your messaging platforms and never asks for more permissions than necessary to make the app function as intended. Read more about each scope and why we need them in our Installation Requirements document.

Where can I find more information about Mio's security practices?

For more information about Mio's security practices, visit our Help Center.
Have security questions? Schedule a call with a member of our security and data privacy team.

Initiate a security review with us

SOC-2 Type II reports, penetration test reports, and more are available upon request.
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